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Yasuyuki hanada has joined our laboratory as PhD. student(D1), who comes from Department of Cardiology in Nagoya University. We hope that he enjoys his research life with us.


2017 IRCMS end-year party was held. All participants including Suda director enjoyed the party!


We enjoyed year-end party with lab members. In the 2017 year-end party, Dr. Hanada joined in it with his family, who will join our lab as a visiting post-graduate student next April from Nagoya. Thank you for everything you did for our lab this year! I hope that you will continue to help our lab next year!


Nishiyama visited a collaborator Alvaro Kohen-Luque at Oslo University together with another collaborator Walter de Back (@ UT Dresden).
This was the fist time for me to visit North Europe, so everything exited me. It was not so colder than I thought, and it was so surprised that it was much colder in Bielefeld of Germany where I subsequently visited.
We mostly completed making the outline of our collaborative manuscript to submit. During weekend, we enjoyed short trip to mountain area, seaside,
Opera house and something, and home party.
Oslo is one of the towns I want to visit again.