Nishiyama visited Prof. Kim lab in KAIST to proceed a collaborative research regarding in vivo imaging of angiogenesis using mice. I enjoyed all of the events which I joined in. I very very thank for your taking care of me in all the time, Prof. Pilhan, Kibek SoYeon and Jee Myung.
I also visited Prof. Gou Young Koh to discuss about some topics of vascular biology, and very very thank you for giving me a chance to share lunch time with you.


Nishiyama gave an invited talk in The 15th Japana-Korea Joint Symposium on Vascular Biology. The tile of my talk is Reconstruction of the roles of pericyte and blood flow in angiogenesis on chip. I thank the organizes for giving me the chance, and also thank all audience join in my talk. I was happy because we got new possible collators with us there.
The picture shows poster award winner and main organizers.