Yuichiro Arima won the shot-talk & poster presentation award in the 5th scheduled meeting of CREST ‘BIODYNAMICS’, which was held in Odaiba of Tokyo. We are proud to be selected as one of the winners among strong competitors. We appreciate all of the collaborators who strongly supported our research.


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Prof. Osamu Nakagawa visited our laboratory for the first time in about two months, who is a lab head of department of Molecular Physiology at National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Research Institute. I really enjoyed discussion with him in the day time and also some country dishes and suites in the night time. Please visit us again in a short time!


The third scheduled meeting of CREST research (Miura team of the area “Creation of Fundamental Technologies for Understanding and Control of Biosystem Dynamics”) was held at IRCMS of Kumamoto university. In addition to reports about recent research progress from each group, Prof. Takizawa provided a recent topic regarding hematopoietic stem cell as a guest speaker, who works as a PI at out institution. The meeting was exited and interesting through the whole.


We held a welcome party for members of Minami Takashi’s lab, which was established at the Faculty of Life Sciences Kumamoto University in September. We enjoyed SAKURA YAKINIKU and drinking with Dr. Masaya Baba from IRCMS and Dr.Yuichiro Arima from the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine.