Many old good classmates joined the seminar. K. Nishiyama enjoyed the seminar and the subsequent social gathering.


The third scheduled meeting of CREST research (Miura team of the area “Creation of Fundamental Technologies for Understanding and Control of Biosystem Dynamics”) was held at IRCMS of Kumamoto university. In addition to reports about recent research progress from each group, Prof. Takizawa provided a recent topic regarding hematopoietic stem cell as a guest speaker, who works as a PI at out institution. The meeting was exited and interesting through the whole.


Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.


Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.


K. Nishiyama visited Dr. Walter and Mr. Konstantin, members of Prof. Ingo’s lab (Technische Universität Dresden) to proceed a collaborative research regarding quantification and modeling of angiogenic endothelial cell movements. Dr. Alvaro, who is also collaborator currently in Norway, joined this. During the stay, K. Nishiyama gave a talk at lab seminar of Prof. Ingo’s lab, and visited Prof. Deutsch’s lab, which is in other campus of TU Dresden, and Max PlanK institution. Also, he joined and enjoyed two home parties hosted by Prof. Ingo and by Dr. Walter.


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