Prof. Uemura, who is a collaborator with us in Nagoya City Hospital, visited Kumamoto to give a seminar provided from HIGO program. He talked mainly about the role of macrophages in diabetic retinopathy. His talk was exciting and attracting all of the audiences, so his topic was discussed beyond the scheduled time. After the seminar, we enjoyed a mixer with Prof. Uemura, which was combined with a new year party of Prof. Minami lab.


Ms. Soyeon, M.S./Ph.D. candidate, joined our lab. as a research internship student from Prof. Pilhan Kim’s lab. in KAIST of South Korea. Prof. Pilhan is our collaborator in the research regarding intravital imaging of angiogenic dynamics using mice. She plants to stay in Kumamoto, so we really hope that she will enjoy our lab life and Kumamoto during her stay. The picture was taken at the welcome and a Happy New Year party!