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Our paper, in which we identified cellular mechanisms behind angiogenic morphogenesis using a combined experiment with mathematical modeling, was accepted by Cell Reports. We appreciate all the contributors, including Dr. Kei Sugihara and Prof. Hiroki Kurihara of The University of Tokyo. Also, we would like to thank Prof. Takashi Miura of Kyushu University greatly, who educates Dr. Sugihara to improve his mathematical skill.


K. Nishiyama presented recent works at the poster session of Asia-Australia Vascular Biology Meeting (AAVBM) and the 13th-Korea Joint Symposium on Vascular Biology, which was held on Busan of Korea. Also, he introduced “internship Program” provided by his institution IRCMS. Through the meeting, he earnestly discussed their data with many Korean researches including Gou-Young Koh who is a visiting professor of IRCMS. He also enjoyed some excellent excursion and convivial party, which was provided by the Korean vascular biology society.


Michie Uchikawa joined us as a research assistant. She has excellent carrier, so she will help us powerfully at the different situations of our research life. We had and enjoyed a welcome party for her, which Akiyo Kikuchi, a secretary at the Department of Cardiovascular medicine, also joined. Thank you in advance.